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Tec-Haven owned Servers are especially suitable for beginners and casual players.

Our goal is to establish servers where players feel at home. We support new as well as casual players so you can reach your goals without frustration or hours of trouble. Tec-Haven guarantees long term based Server Life as long as it makes sense so you do not have to be afraid that we will close after some weeks like many other servers do frequently. Besides the regular Gameplay we are doing Events and offering a near family like life where everyone supports each other.

We all know that ARK:SE is a great game wich provides hours of fun, but this is not the only game in our world.

Tec-Haven´s goal was always to create a family of gamers who go through different games together.

It was planned from the beginning and now we are ready for the next steps in our development!

Tec-Haven goes Multi Gaming !

Together with good friends we played many games like

- GTA Series

- World of Warcraft

- Dead by Daylight

- Left4 Dead

- Mass Effect Series

- ARMA 3

- Battlefield Series

- ...

and in the past i personally hosted servers like

- Counterstrike 1.6


- Minecraft

- Battlefield 4

- Conan Exile

- Space Engineers

- ....

and dont forget all those mobile Games everyone is playing right now.

I think you have a comparable History of played Games as well !

On mobile plattforms we already founded some Tec-Haven Clans like in "The Walking Dead", "Farm Ville" or "Forge of Empires" and played together, so

why do not expand this and make it public? Lets check out what games you are playing and what can we do there together !

I am personally open to any request right now.

Example: you are a group of 5, playing Minecraft on random Servers and 2 other people from our Ark Server are playing Minecraft as well,

so why do not join the same Server or even create an own Tec-Haven Minecraft Server.

Or you wonder if anyone of us is playing some Facebook Games as well? Let us know and connect each other in those games!
Especially for such small Facebook Games it is always helpful to have friends who click on certain links or visit you in the game - Use our Network !

Besides all that we are not only looking for Gamers. We are looking for Teamleaders, people who help us working on social media, or even someone who could administrate a Server. If you wanna be an admin or mod of any kind of Server and see a chance of success - lets us know! Together we can evaluate the possibilities, costs and efforts.

I learned a lot about what it means to be an Admin or Hoster of any Server through those listed games above and i am willed to share my experience.

A longer time ago i even played on several offical gaming tournaments, not in name of Tec-Haven - but thats another story.

So if you are interested and want to help us grow - simply contact me by info@tec-haven.de or contact me via Steam/mobile/ingame or whatever.

You can find a regularly updated List of Games where Tec-Haven is presented on our Multi-Gaming Site in the header menu.

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