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Beginner friendly – Play fair and respect each other

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Tec-Haven Servers are especially suitable for beginners and casual players.

Our goal is to establish servers where players feel at home who prefer the more friendly PVE environment with a controlled little bit of pvp if you want to. We support new as well as casual players so you can reach your goals without frustration or hours of trouble. Tec-Haven guarantees long term based Server Life so you do not have to be afraid that we will close after some month like many other servers do frequently. Besides the regular Gameplay we are doing Events every week and offering a near family like life on our server where you are supported a lot.

Our Ark Server was established mid of 2016, starting as just for fun project for me and some friends but than it grows continously so that we decided in Nov.2016 to make it offical public with professional setup and support. We switched from Island to the much bigger Center Map so that every Player has enough space for his base and added some public structures like an Arena Island and developed a fast travel system by some teleporters.

The configuration of our Ark Server targets Players who have family, work a lot and want some free time as well.
You can reach nearly any goal in Ark on our Server much easier than on official servers, if it is taming Rex or Gigas or even breeding some Baby Dinosaurs.
Full configuration of your Ark Server is visible here

In February 2017 we started a Conan Exile Server, basically for some testing but who knows how this Server developes in the future.

More Information about our Conan Server -> click here

Besides the Game Servers the Tec-Haven Network includes a Teamspeak Server, a Facebook Page and we are working on our YouTube Channel.

ARK: Server Beginner Bonus

New Players on our ARK Server will get the following things for free

- Structures to build a 2 x 2 Hut

- a nice Pteranodon

- basic armor + weapon

to have a good start into our world.

Interested in joining us? You can find our Server IP and Login Links via the header menu or in the upper right section on our Homepage.

If you any questions feel free to ask us everything you want to via Facebook or contact us directly.

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